KFT statement on racial discrimination and advancing racial justice

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The Kean Federation of Teachers (Local 2187, AFT, AFL-CIO) stands in solidarity with people and institutions throughout the nation who are voicing and demonstrating their commitment to racial justice and equality. Enjoying peace, living free of discriminatory treatment, and remaining alive when interacting with the police are fundamental human rights inextricably linked to racial justice. 
We grieve the loss of life, miscarriage of justice, and discrimination inflicted on Black Americans and other people of color and we decry the deep-seated racism at the core of the violence that has destroyed so many lives.
We, KFT members, can and must play an active role in supporting all Americans who struggle with individual oppression and pervasive institutional racism. Staying silent or standing on the sidelines when so many of our union members, students and community members deeply suffer is not an option. We support those who are raising their voices against racial discrimination.
We welcome members’ input on how to confront racism. We plan to continue this collective effort in identifying and effectively responding to the challenges that dehumanize union colleagues and community members alike because of racist practices.
As members of an educational institution, we must create safe spaces for our students to discuss and advance the cause of racial justice in our classrooms and our campus. We hope to join with members of our local, Kean students and the community at large in having meaningful conversations on race and how to effectively listen to each other about the pain persons of color, especially African Americans, carry. Above all, we pledge to work alongside the Kean community to address the challenge of creating a more equitable and just society. Although creating this just society is not an easy task, if we all work together toward this common good, we will overcome injustice.