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Welcome Back

KFT President James A. Castiglione - Welcome Back Address

September 8, 2014

Colleagues and distinguished guests:

Welcome back for fall semester 2014 to “Kean USA”! There is much to discuss but I’ll start with some acknowledgements and introductions. 

First, let me acknowledge the retirements in the past year of two Members-at-Large of the KFT Executive Council, Susan MacLaury from Phys Ed, Recreation & Health and Tony Velez from Fine Arts.  Susan’s wise counsel and Tony’s talents and passion for unionism contributed greatly to our leadership team.  Both stepped forward to serve our membership with distinction and integrity and we thank them for their stewardship these past several years.  Also, as most of you by now know, our long-time Office Manager, Norma Hall McFadden, retired from her position after 18 years of dedicated service.  Norma was not only expert at keeping the office functioning smoothly.  She was a tremendous resource not just to myself and past KFT Presidents, but to the thousands of KFT members that she served, aided, advised and interacted with over her nearly two decades in the office.  We miss her and we thank her for her dedication and support.


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